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6 Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry That You Should Have In Your Jewelry Box!

The Intricate Details Of A Sterling Silver Jewelry Box

A Sterling Silver Jewelry box is a symbol in the life of every individual. It holds all the bits and baubles that we use to decorate ourselves. Things we wear as a remembrance, an heirloom of a time long past, or maybe a gift given with love. It could even be a piece that has become so important to your heart that you give it a place within your box. But the most important baubles in the box are probably your handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces. 

sterling silver jewelry

These handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces are probably your most prized possessions. It doesn’t matter how you got them, or if they were found by a relative and passed on to you. All that matters is the sheer beauty that shines from within them. These jewelry pieces have an ethereal glow to them that calls you, as if with a siren song. The sacred box, that has all these beautiful baubles, has gorgeous pieces of handmade sterling silver jewelry including; rings, necklaces, earrings, chains, and whatever else has taken your fancy. สร้อยข้อมือเงินแท้ It’s’ like a completely new world when you look at them. You know when you look at them that you will keep them safe and wear them as much as you can. And once you are done, when you no longer have use of them you will pass them on to your children or someone of equal importance. If not that then, you would sell it, have it melted, and re-made. It is up to you to make that choice.

What Kind Of Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry Should I Have In My Jewelry Box?

sterling silver jewelry

This is a very good question and to help you answer it here is a list. This is a list of 6 handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces that you absolutely must have in your jewelry box. 

#1 Sapphire Sterling Silver Earrings

There is something quite ethereal in the sapphire stone. Its’ blue nature and its iridescent glow that is unmatched. Sapphires have always been the best matched with sterling silver. So just imagine how gorgeous a sterling silver earring with a sapphire center would be, especially if it is handcrafted. If you go to the right artisan and fetch the right price, these gorgeous earrings will be a beautiful part of your jewelry box. 

#2 Sterling Silver Pendant With Your Choice Stone

The great thing about handmade sterling silver jewelry is that you can have it customized if the artisan is agreeable. Imagine a gorgeous pendant with swirling designs and beautiful stone in the middle, hanging off a silver chain. You can wear this necklace anywhere you want, just make sure you pick the right colored stone so that it goes with every dress you wear. The sterling silver is a commodity that is bound to make you shine. You will feel it cool on your skin every time you wear it and you will be reminded of its’ beauty.

#3 Handmade Sterling Silver Leaf Earrings

Funky earrings are all the rage nowadays and everyone wants to be a part of that rage. To cater to this generation, the artisans have handmade sterling silver jewelry according to this need. One of these pieces is leaf earrings. This earring is handcrafted in the design of life but it is no ordinary leaf. It is as if the artist has captured the essence of a lead and bound it in gorgeous silver. The etchings and the markings are so familiar as if you could reach out and touch it but it is not real. 

sterling silver jewelry

#4 Handmade Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

A chain necklace is a beautiful commodity. Now imagine this necklace to be a handmade sterling silver jewelry item. The value of the commodity has just increased, hasn’t it? Well of course it has! Handmade sterling silver jewelry is hard to come by and when it does, it should be properly appreciated. The chain necklace is beautifully crafted with twists and turns linking the chain together. The artisan twists and turns the chain in special ways that make it stand out above all the rest.

#5 Handmade Opal Ring

Next on the list of handmade sterling silver jewelry items that you should have in your jewelry box is the handmade opal ring. Now, this ring is a piece of art that is unparalleled by any other. The opal stone is a delicate being that has been placed artfully on a beautiful sterling silver mound. The mound can either be a beautiful series of twists, or a simple holding that encases the opal as a solitaire diamond. It is a sight for all to see and for all to admire. A sight that you should possess posthaste.

#6 Sterling Silver Bracelet With Bits Of Stone

Last but not least in our list of handmade sterling silver jewelry items is a bracelet. Now, this isn’t just any old bracelet. This one has special qualities. First of all, of course, it is a handmade sterling silver piece. Next, it has beautiful stones that adorn it. Stones that if you are lucky and if the artisan lets you, you can pick out. It is certainly a sight to behold and all who see you wearing it will be jealous. They would want to know where you got it from!

Hurry Up And Head To The Shops

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If even one of these above-stated lovely pieces of handmade jewelry is missing from the arsenal of your jewelry box, you know what to do. You must go out and complete your arsenal. These jewelry pieces are important after all. They can transform into heirlooms or investments for later years. In any case, they are beautiful and you should have them. After all, that is life without a little indulgence and handmade sterling silver jewelry is the best indulgence of them all. Just imagine yourself wearing them and you will find a smile settled on your face.

sterling silver jewelry

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