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Why does silver girl jewelry turn black, and how to avoid it?

The Why does silver girl jewelry turn black, and how to avoid it?

silver girl jewelry

silver girl jewelry is a precious metal because it is rare and valuable, and because it resists corrosion and oxidation, it is a noble metal, and Wholesale Silver Jewelry is ideally suited for electrical use. Its non-toxic, antimicrobial qualities make it useful in medicines and consumer products. Its high reflectivity and luster make it ideal for jewelry, silverware, and mirrors. Since silver is comparatively more affordable than gold, it can be mixed with other metals for industrial use. And because of the history of silver with coinage and jewelry, it maintains its status of being a symbol of wealth .

Why does silver turn black?

silver girl jewelry

Natural oils produced by your skin can sometime trigger a skin reaction to your silver girl jewelry. Silver jewelry can with your skin depending on the use of other substances at the same time such as some food items, the consumption of alcohol, and if you have been using any medicine. Such issues affect the skin’s acidity can be a possible reason for skin reaction. Sweat also increases skin acidity and maybe the reason for silver tarnishing. In places with a lot of light and high humidity, silver oxidizes faster. The oxidizing process can also be accelerated by contact with cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, deodorant, body lotion, bleach, etc สร้อยข้อมือเงินแท้ .

The saying that if its actual silver, it will not tarnish or turn black, is false. Different metals oxidize in different ways, so the fact that your silver girl jewelry is turning black is proof that its actual silver.

The process of silver turning black is corrosion, but it is something that can be fixed easily.


silver girl jewelry

  • Avoid storing your silver in places that are likely to be dampened by water.
  • Always wear your jewelry when you are done using beauty products like hair spray or perfume.
  • Avoid swimming with your silver girl jewelry on as the salt in the water turns it black.
  • Cleaning products accelerate the blackening of silver, so avoid cleaning with silver jewelry on.
  • Sweat also plays a big part in tarnishing your silver jewelry, so if you are someone who sweats a lot, you might want to avoid wearing your silver jewelry daily.
  • The best possible way to store your silver girl jewelry is in a tight bag away from light.
  • To keep your silver jewelry from tarnishing, always clean it after wearing it.
  • Always use warm water to clean your silver jewelry.
  • Use a delicate cloth to polish your silver jewelry when you first notice signs of tarnish.
  • Wool and latex are materials that accelerate the tarnishing process, so you need to avoid wearing silver.
  • Always store your silver girl jewelry with a silica gel bag, which delays the tarnishing process.
  • Limit the exposure of silver jewelry to humidity as it accelerates tarnishing.
  • Use a jewelry protectant spray before wearing your silver jewelry.
  • Give your silver girl jewelry a break; avoid wearing it daily.
  • Use conditioner on clean silver girl jewelry to avoid tarnish.

Removing Tarnish:

silver girl jewelry

  • Some professionals can buff and clean your silver jewelry for you.
  • The tarnish can also be cleaned by using a silver polish.
  • A popular method, though it is quite risky used by individuals, is toothpaste, which can be used to clean your silver jewelry.
  • You can also get your silver girl jewelry plated, which will keep it from tarnishing, and once the plating fades, you can always get it re-plated.

DIY Remedies:

silver girl jewelry

  • To remove tarnish easily, you can mix a bowl of hot water with a tablespoon of laundry detergent, soak your silver jewelry for about 60 seconds, then take them out and place them on a towel to dry.
  • Another natural remedy is to take a ceramic pot and fill it with water and 1.5 tbsp. Of baking soda for every gallon of water, soak the tarnished silver girl jewelry for about 15 secs and then lay it on a paper towel to dry.
  • To restore shine to your jewelry, make a paste of cornflour and wait for the mixture to dry and rub it off and see the shine restored to your silver jewelry.
  • A quick and easy way to polish your silver jewelry on the go is to used hand sanitizer and a clean paper towel, gently rub the sanitizer all over the silver girl jewelry and see it clean and shiny again.
  • If you have jewelry that is slightly tarnished, then this is the perfect hack for you soak your silver jewelry in a mixture of lemon and lime soda and leave it for an hour after that clean it with a paper towel gently, and you will have your jewelry tarnish-free.
  • Spray a little bit of window cleaner on your tarnished silver and clean gently with a rag to restore it to its glory.
  • Where you store the silver also keeps a few pieces of chalk as it delays the oxidization process.
  • If your silver girl jewelry lacks luster, then this is the perfect hack for you. Take half a cup of white vinegar and mix it in two tbsp. Of baking soda and soak your jewelry for about 2 hours, rinse with cold water and dry gently.


silver girl jewelry

Silver girl jewelry is admired and loved by men and women of all ages. Even though it requires a lot of care to keep your silver jewelry in perfect condition, when paired with the right outfit, the amount of confidence and style it brings is worth it. Having silver jewelry in your jewelry box or collections teaches you to love the things you have, as it requires a certain amount of care silver girl jewelry. Listed above are some of the tried and tested ways to keep your precious silver items from tarnishing. And if they do somehow end up getting a little tarnished, we have a bunch of hacks which will help you get rid of the tarnish silver girl jewelry .

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