Sterling silver jewelry
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Tips And Tricks On How To Care For Your Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry.

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Sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry There is a certain beauty that is present in handmade sterling silver jewelry. It is a beauty that is ethereal, and lovely in a way that other jewelry is not. When you wear these pieces of jewelry the whole world stops and stares at the magnificence on your body. The handmade sterling silver jewelry shows the true abilities and the ingenious creativity of the artisans. It is a testament to the artisans. We wear the art on our body and we are the canvas upon which they are decorated. 

Did you know that the most beautiful thing about handmade sterling silver jewelry is the creativity of it? The way these artisans etch, mold and turn over the molten sterling silver and then create designs on it is nothing short of perfection. These individuals should be hailed as artists of the new generation. The diamonds and stones they use further enhance the beauty of the handmade sterling silver jewelry as well. 

Some Things To Note About Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Handmade sterling silver jewelry is gorgeous and if you are an owner of it, you are quite lucky. But there are some things you need to keep aware of. Things that matter in the keeping of handmade sterling silver jewelry. These things are most important especially if you want to keep your jewelry with you for as long as possible. So to help you through, here are certain tips and tricks that you can employ which will help you. They will help you make sure that your handmade sterling silver jewelry remains in pristine condition.

Tips And Tricks In The Care And Maintenance Of Your Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry

#1 Wear The Jewelry Pieces As Much As Possible

The best way to keep your handmade sterling silver jewelry as healthy and shiny as possible is by wearing it. Now many would say that is such a stupid idea! A better idea would be to keep it stashed safely in a box. This is not true. It has been scientifically proven that sterling silver no matter how it is made, is kept in the best condition when it is worn often. The wearing of the sterling silver keeps it in the best condition possible. It exposes it to the natural body oils and air, which contrary to popular belief is good for it. 

#2 Don’t Let It Get Too Much Sun Or Perfume

When you are wearing your jewelry, it doesn’t mean that it won’t get tarnished. You have to keep it away from certain things. First and foremost, you must make sure that it doesn’t get too much sun. The direct heat of the sunlight is not good for it. It is quite bad for it. If your handmade sterling silver jewelry keeps getting direct sunlight for long periods, it is possible that it will become too tarnished. So make sure this doesn’t happen. 

The second thing you need to make sure to keep your handmade sterling silver jewelry away from is direct contact from perfume. It is a common practice to put on perfume last and sprinkle it on your neck or your ears. Do not do this. First of all, sprinkle your perfume behind your ears, not on your neck. And wear your jewelry after you have done so. The chemicals of the perfume are quite bad for the sterling silver. And the stains of perfume are quite hard to remove, so this is something you should care for. 

#3 Don’t Use Abrasive Cloths, Make Use Of Silver Cloths

If you want to clean your handmade sterling silver jewelry yourself make sure you use a silver cloth and not an abrasive cloth. If you use an abrasive cloth it is very possible you will ruin your jewelry pieces further. There will be more scratches left behind than before and the tarnish you set out to remove won’t go anywhere at all. But if you use a silver cloth or a very soft flannel or cotton cloth, this will not happen. The silver cloth is often used by professionals and is the best option in cleaning the handmade sterling silver jewelry. But if you don’t have this cloth then soft cotton or flannel cloth will work just fine as well. 

#4 Simple Soap And Water With A Hint Of Lemon

Another way to clean your handmade sterling silver jewelry is by lathering it up with soap and lemon. You scrub it gently and then rinse it thoroughly with clean water. After you have done this, pat it dry with a silver cloth. This process will remove most of the tarnish, at least on the surface. This is one of the most easy methods of cleaning handmade sterling silver jewelry. 

#5 Boiling Water And Baking Soda Is Also A Good Option

Last but certainly not least, another option of cleaning handmade sterling silver jewelry is boiled water and baking soda. What you have to do is, first wrap the bowl in aluminum foil, pour water in it and let it heat. Once the water boils pour in baking soda and letsit bubble up. Once it bubbles up, put in the jewelry with a pair of tongs for safety. Make sure it sits on the bottom of the bowl. After 5 minutes take the jewelry out, and rinse with clean water. After rinsing pat dry with a silver cloth. 

Follow The Tip That Works Best

Sterling silver jewelry

We have provided you with 5 of the best tips and tricks in the care of handmade sterling silver  jewelry. It is in your and your jewelry’s’ best interest to follow at least one of these tips. If you do then your jewelry will have a longer life and will remain ethereal. It will remain beautiful so much so, that people stare in awe. If you don’t follow these tips your jewelry will fall into despair. 

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