925 silver stamp
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The difference between the original 925 silver stamp and the fake stamp

Comparison and differences between 925 silver stamp and fake stamps


925 silver stamp

Silver is one of the most malleable and precious metals known. It is prevalent in making jewelry. Silver jewelry has become very popular that it has surpassed the importance of gold jewelry. 

Differentiating between a piece of real and fake silver jewelry has become a severe problem because many sellers are caught selling phony silver jewelry in the name of authentic silver jewelry. To identify the difference between fake and real silver jewelry, a stamp or mark is printed on the jewelry, which is called “hallmark.” Usually, the mark which is printed on the silver jewelry is “925”. We should always look for this stamp while shopping for silver jewelry. Let us talk about the difference between the original 925 silver stamp and fake stamp. Below is a brief review of a real 925 silver stamp and how to identify it quickly.

What is a 925 silver stamp?

925 silver stamp

A 925 silver stamp is a hallmark printed on a silver jewelry piece, which represents that 92.5% of your silver jewelry is made from sterling silver. The remaining 7.5% is made from alloy metals. The sterling silver jewelry could also have a mark of “S925”. A 925 silver stamp shows that the jewelry is real and is made from genuine sterling silver. Silver metal is combined with other metals to give it strength and make it malleable. It is challenging to design a pure silver metal. That’s why alloy metals are used. 925 Sterling silver helps make the most complex and intricate designs. The designs made from 925 sterling silver do not come cheap, and it is quite a high investment from your side. Therefore, you should always check for a 925 silver stamp on your piece of jewelry.

Quality of 925 silver stamp:

925 silver or sterling silver are the same things. Whenever there is a 925 silver stamp, printed on the silver jewelry, it represents the quality of silver and helps the buyer to know that the jewelry is genuine. Moreover, to know the 925 silver stamp quality, you should check the size of the stamp to determine if it is the real or fake stamp. When you are sure about the quality of the hallmark, only then you should buy the jewelry.

Fake 925 silver stamps:

925 silver stamp

Nowadays, fake jewelry or silver coated jewelry is made very common. These pieces of jewelry are sold on the name of real sterling silver jewelry. Therefore, everyone needs to know the difference between real 925 silver stamp and fake stamps. Although, a 925 silver stamp is always stamped on a silver that contains more amount of sterling silver and represents real silver. Below we have described some techniques to check for real 925 silver.

  1. Rub the jewelry: 

To check for a real 925 silver, rub your jewelry with a soft white cloth. Now, if you see any black mark on the jewelry after rubbing, then it is sure that the jewelry is made of pure sterling silver, and hence it is proved that the 925 silver stamp that is printed on it is real.

  1. Acid test: 

The other method to check if the stamp on your silver jewelry is real is Nitric Acid Test. When nitric acid is added to metal jewelry, it causes them to lose their silver color. On the other hand, a 925 silver stamp has no effect when nitric acid is added. So, if you are shopping for a 925 sterling silver jewelry, you should always ask the seller to run a nitric acid test on it. It may show green color when added to fake jewelry and a cream color when added to real sterling silver.

  1. Smell test: 

To check if the 925 silver stamp printed on the jewelry is real or not, you should always do a smell test. This is the easiest test and can be done easily. All you have to do is smell your silver jewelry. If it feels, it represents the presence of copper in it because sterling silver does not have any smell.

  1. Magnet test:

The magnet test is very simple and easy. All you have to do is place a magnet near your silver jewelry. Sterling silver is not attracted to any magnet, just like gold and platinum. Hence, if you see any attraction between your jewelry and magnet, then it is clear that your jewelry is not a real 925 silver, and the 925 silver stamp is fake.

  1. Rust & Polish:

When a 925 silver is exposed to air, it turns black, but it does not get rust. When silver jewelry got black, it can easily be polished back to its original color. While fake jewelry can get rusted, it cannot be polished and cannot restore its color or coating once it is rusted. Hence, if you are not able to polish your silver jewelry, it is because your jewelry is fake and has a fake สร้อยข้อมือเงินแท้.


925 silver stamp

In a nutshell, when you are purchasing a piece of silver jewelry, beware of real and fake 925 silver stamps on the silver jewelry. You must check the after sales policy of the silver jewelry that you are buying as it is a considerable investment, and you surely don’t want to waste money on fake stamped jewelry. If the stamp on your silver jewelry starts an S, it means that the jewelry is either Scandinavian or Chinese silver. Moreover, you should always look for the quality of the stamp. Mostly the jewelry imported from china has a fake 925 silver stamp on it. Also, you should always purchase your silver jewelry from a reputable seller. You should always check the reviews of the former buyers when you are planning to purchase the silver jewelry. The above article will help you to determine the fake and real stamp of every 925 silver jewelry available in the market.

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